Go on, you know you want to…


We’ve been neglecting our blog a little of late.  But that’s because we’ve been busy simplifying production for a great new client, 888 Holdings.  They came to us with a re-pitch opportunity on one of their leading brands, Wink Bingo.We thought, we scripted, we pitched, we won, we cleared through Clearcast, we prepped, we built, we rehearsed, we shot, we organised a stills shoot, we couriered 99 oversize bingo balls to a launch party, we edited, we composed a track, we voiced, we Clearcasted again, we uploaded to stations and, finally, we sent out copy rotation instructions so that everybody knew what ads were on at what times.

All in all there were 11 versions of the ads and they’re currently running to much fanfare.  Thanks to all at 888 for being such a great client.  Thanks to The Dream Idols and their management and thanks to all involved in the shoot, staff and freelance.  Without you, it wouldn’t have been half the fun.

If you’ve got a project like this, give us a call.  We can’t promise The Dream Idols in every shoot but we can guarantee that you’ll end up with a high quality, cost-effective piece of work that’s well worth the valuable time and money you’ll spend making it.

Find our details in the ‘contact’ section.

Why don’t you write me? AKA The Script.

Just as the three most important things in a house move are ‘Location, Location, Location’, so the most important things in your TV shoot are ‘Catering, Boozy Lunch and Foreign shoots’.  Sorry, my mistake… I was thinking of the 1980’s!  Obviously, the three most important things are ‘Script, Script, Script.’

Never trust anyone who says they shoot without a script.  It’s like trying to build a home without a set of plans.  It might look good for a couple of moments but, ultimately, it will be on very shaky ground.  A good script will take into account all you want to achieve.  It will focus on your key points and it will deliver a call to arms in an inventive and exciting manner.

If it doesn’t, then your script still needs work.  Never shy away from getting it right at script stage.  Mistakes or omissions on paper are a lot easier and cheaper to fix than those in an edit suite.

Brand Values

Chances are your product will have accumulated many values along its way to pre-eminence.  Or, if it’s not yet a market leader, then along its way from gestation to birth and launch.  Whatever its history and lifespan, you’re going to be proud of it and it’s entirely correct that certain attributes are – in your mind – associated with it.  But think long and hard about what those attributes are and never be afraid of prioritising them.

If you’re running a ten second ad and you have a brand value pamphlet that reads ‘bright’, ‘family friendly’, ‘price conscious’, ‘modern day lifestyle’, ‘innocent’, ‘aspirational’ etc, then – chances are – if you insist on hitting all these marks, the ad will be muddled and miss its target.

Far better to focus in on what are the key objectives of the strategy.  If this is a tactical campaign to shift product and price is your key point, then make price your key point.  Don’t beat around the bush.  You’re value for money.  That’s great to shout in today’s market.  Shout it loud.  Shout it proud.

Here at Stretch, we’ll help you drill down to the key proposition for your work.  We’ll hunt it down, find it and ruthlessly expose it.  In a way which, of course, befits your brand.

What’s that you say?  What are our brand values?  A good question.  Boiling it down… we’d say we are value for money, straightforward and fun.

What’s the big idea?

A great idea can be just the ticket

Everything starts with an idea.  You’ll have had many yourself.  Some of them will have been good.  A few might have been really good. But what makes a truly, truly great idea?

We’ll let you into a secret.

It doesn’t need to be revolutionary.  Or expensive.  Or weird.  Or different.

What it does need to be is appropriate.

So, if you’re selling soap powder, you don’t need dancing dwarves, helicopters and a five camera shoot on the Isle of Mull.  You just need an appropriate idea that can be executed well and will shift those boxes.

Your great idea needs to get to the heart of what you want to achieve from your campaign, be that a TV Spot, a viral, a radio commercial… whatever.   When you hear it, you need to believe – and we mean TRULY believe – that it could work.  If you believe, anything is possible.  Once you start believing, any decent production company is halfway to making your dreams come true.


Sounds like something the late Roy Castle would have sung about on ‘Record Breakers’, doesn’t it.  But, just as Roy urged us all to seek out and embrace ‘Dedication’, so we here at Stretch feel the same way about ‘Demystification’.

Getting your spot, or your ad, or your viral to wherever you want it to go to shouldn’t be a nightmarish process of smoke, mirrors and dark arts.  It should be open, fun, enjoyable and transparent.  Client, talent and production should be working hard together to ensure top drawer creative results at a fair and fixed cost.

That’s our mantra.  We’ll remind you of it from time to time.